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Ken Yap
About Ken Yap
Aloha! Thank you for stopping by! I sarted playing a ukelele at the age of 4 on the streets of Maui,Hawaii. At age 8 I learned how to play the piano accordion (my dad was a Lawrence Welk fan). At age 11 I picked up my brothers guitar that sat in the corner for so many years collecting dust. Went to my local music store and bought a chord book and taught myself how to play. Joined the Boys Choir and boys Glee at school. Like so many in my teens I played covers in various garage bands and all the while trying to find people who wanted to create their own music without any luck. Then along came the Navy and took me out to sea where some of us sailors formed a band called General Quarters and kept the ships company moral up at Steel Beach. Then came marriage. Somewhere in my mid twenties I stopped playing covers and started searching for my own style and sound. Throughout the years both good and bad I never stopped playing. The end result you now hear. I hope you enjoy my music and thanks again for stopping by and sharing bits of time with me. Mahalo ALoha Ken Yap
Many influences from A to Z