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About Metricks
Natural of Portugal, and son of freedom, Metricks is active at the electronic music scene since 1993. Just in the start of 1998, in the interaction with the electronic music, and several participation in electronic musical events, his first digital music born. Now in the path of discovery, no electronic genre is discriminated, and all the wide spectrum of this genre is appealing to his senses. Metricks music is a fusion of emotions, and melting feelings, that are always expressed in the strange tunes, and divergent beat strokes, of somehow familiar reminds... Metricks work with great artists like Daniel Iorio, Stuart Elliott, Phrulex, Renato Ventura, Mrio Raposo, SoundFreak, Lisa T, Rakur, Pio Pio and GaiaBeat. **************************************** *******
Artist History
The work of Metricks was nominee for three categories in 2004 edition of the Internet Online Music Awards. Reaching the final five in Best Electronic Artist, Best Producer and Best Composer. http://www.dgmpublishing.com/IOMAs2004/IOMAs2004Awards.htm In the 2005 Edition Metricks win the "Best Electronic Artist" in the internet Online Music Awards". And has been nominated for "Best Producer", "Best Keyboard Player". The track "Postcard to Outerspace" for "Best Soundtrack", and the song "Storyteller" co-produced with Stuart Elliott for "Best Instrumental Track" http://www.dgmpublishing.com/IOMAs2005/IOMAs2005Winners.htm

Metricks win the Award in the IOMA 2006 for Best intrumental Soundtrack with " Memoire des Temps Perdu" , have been also nominated for Best Intrumental Artist. Two other nominations in the 2006 edtion of the IOMA in the categories of best colaboration track with "Solaris" produced with GaiaBeat, and another nomination with track "Mech Resolution" a colaboration with JDVoid and Gaiabeat