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christine elsey
About christine elsey

Christine Elsey is a contemporary dance artist living and working in British Columbia. In 1986, she co-founded Metropolis Dance, with dancer/choreographer Anna Haltrecht, and together they choreographed and performed many dance works (for over a decade) at many notable annual festivals such as the Stein Valley Festival, The Earth Voice Festival, Dancing On The Edge Festival, and the Saltspring Festival of the Arts--also at Globe 90'. As well as choreographing and performing with Metropolis Dance, Elsey has performed with/for many well known artists such as: Evelyn Roth Moving Sculptures, Janice LeBlond's "Pacific Motion Dance Company", Gilbert Artman's "Urban Sax, and for a feature film production by North American Pictures. More recently, she has performed in environmental dance works by well-known Philidelphia choreographer Leah Stein, also with the "Body Cartography Project", and in "Behind Closed Eyes" a recent multi-media installation performance art piece directed by Evelyn Roth. She also offers both choreography and movement direction to Norh Vancouver's Shaw Theatre's Annual Christmas Panto. Elsey currently teaches her own innovative style of therapeutic Hatha Yoga at the North Shore Orthopaedic and Sports Clinic.

Contemporary Dance