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fiona joy hawkins
About fiona joy hawkins

Join Fiona Joy Hawkins made her debut at number 1 on the New Age Reporter Top 100 Radio Charts November 2005 and was voted Best Piano Album in the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2006.  Since then she has charted in the top 10 for all three albums with ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled having just been at 1 for Feb & March 2008.  Also a Finalist in the MusicOz Awards 2006 and 2007, and a Finalist in the  LA Music Awards in two categories in 2007.

Fiona Joy Hawkins' piano albums have been described as music to dream to.  Featuring piano with orchestration, Portrait of a Waterfall calms the mind and yet allows its listener to become lost in the beauty of romantic melodies.   Angel Above my Piano takes you to places you only dream of.

Recently Fiona won prestigious awards in an unprecedented three categories in the Zone Music Reporters Awards (Album Of The Year, Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, and Best Instrumental Album - Piano), and the CD Baby Top World albums, landing 15th over 10,233 other World albums. Worth noting Fiona's "Blue Dream" is in the top 10 selling New Age Albums on CDbaby.


Blue Dream

Recorded as a 70 minute single peice of music on a Steinway B, Blue Dream goes from quiet contemplative piano to full orchestral, to world sounds, rhythms, jazz influcneces and back again to the perfect "Bach' moment - all in a breath. (see the youtube clip of the recording of Blue Dream on this page).

You can listen to ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled (piano/chill/dance) on the Little Hartley Music myspace page (top friends below) - it is a sensual mix of piano and rhythm, with some vocal tracks.  ICE covers chill, jazz, world and rock - with a tast of the unusual thrown into the mix.

Classically trained as a pianist, Fiona's music is thematic and melodic.  With a keen eye on film she has always been interested in creating music that evokes images and emotions and tells a story. "The idea of synchronicity has always intrigued me, colours, ideas and emotions all have corresponding sounds".   Also a painter, Fiona incorporates original manuscripts of her music on the canvas to create bold colourful mixed media abstracts so you can hear and see her music.

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